Let me introduce you to the undecided voters who are about to decide your fate.

Purple sunset over a cornfield
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Britney might not be free today, but she inspired me to test my limits.

Woman in a crop top leans against a wall
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I’m baking cookies and putting them directly into the freezer — the same thing I’ve always teased my mom for doing.

Baked cookies on a pan
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Crack. Whisk. Add sugar, maybe.

I’m looking up freezing instructions for foods, like eggs, I never thought I’d freeze. I hardly froze anything before — it was a little rebellion against my Midwest upbringing. In Iowa, practicality usually wins over sex appeal when it comes to food, and pulling years-old casserole out of the freezer for dinner is commonplace. I preferred frequent trips to the store where I bought mostly fresh veggies and small quantities of meat (also a mini-rebellion in my meat-loving state). …

Mural of Woody Guthrie holding a guitar that says, “This machine kills fascists.”
Mural of Woody Guthrie, photo courtesy of Unsplash

People watching a concert
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Searching for clues and comfort after suicide.

Picture of a foggy road.
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Jessica Carney

Writer of (mostly) humorous creative nonfiction essays. Attempting to write a book. jessicacarneywriter.com

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